About Wiseman Lighting

Sports Lighting Specialist

Wiseman specialises in sports lighting giving us an in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers and the ability to focus on delivering state of the art technology to solve even the most difficult of sports lighting briefs.

Outstanding Customer Service

For us it’s all about TRUST, we aim to communicate openly and demonstrate a genuine commitment to customer service to ensure our clients get the very best products and prices. Nothing is too much trouble.

Independent Expertise

Wiseman offer the very best solutions for your project and don’t manipulate your project to fit our products! Years of painstaking product research and evaluation of numerous manufacturers ensures we select the best lighting technology for Sports Clubs.

Most Efficient LED Product

Reduce your energy bills – our manufacturing partner’s LED lighting technology is the most energy efficient on the market using less power to achieve the same brightness. Don’t settle for less, let us show you what energy efficiency really does look like.

Unlocking Planning Permission

Increasingly we encounter clients with planning issues often based on emotional and ecological objections. Our extensive knowledge and ground breaking technology can deliver solutions, where other parties have tried and failed to control spill light.

Funding Expertise

New facilities are costly and we understand access to funding is critical. Our team has the expertise to help our clients access the funds necessary to support their plans.

Sustainability Within Sport

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to really make a difference or the costs just seem prohibitive. Our technology and expertise will help you make informed decisions to really make a difference to the environment – today and into the future.

Passionate about Sport

The greatest thing about our job as people who are passionate about sport? We get to work with clients who are every bit as passionate! Wiseman donates 10% of profits to GrassRoots Power CIC. Find out how you can support grass roots sports clubs here.

We see environmentally friendly floodlighting systems as a critical part of sports infrastructure

Wiseman Lighting is focused on pioneering LED sports floodlighting, aspiring to make sport more environmentally sustainable. Since Wiseman installed the first LED sports lighting in the UK, a case study funded by Sport England in 2014, we have firmly believed in environmentally friendly floodlighting systems as a critical part of sports infrastructure.

Wiseman prides itself on carrying out detailed reviews of products and manufacturers to ensure clients are given the very best available products and warranty. We believe that this approach has resulted in the Wiseman team having leading industry insight, a result of testing and installing more manufacturers LED floodlighting products than any other contractor. This enables the business to advise clients on the best available manufacturers solutions and to offer choice.

Procuring and installing LED floodlighting is not straightforward, with key manufacturers taking very different design approaches to optical control, efficiency and warranties, resulting in very different results on the court/pitch that also may be very detrimental to neighbours. This unpredictability also impacts the pocket financially, extremes that are not experienced in the same way with metal halide floodlighting due to many decades of product development and a very similar approach to optical control by key manufacturers. An additional procurement consideration that has been an industry norm for many decades, is that metal halide and now surprisingly many LED floodlighting systems, are being installed with the requirement for significant ongoing maintenance. This is a hidden cost over decades, that is all too often not considered when a system is installed. Wiseman prefers to install systems that require minimal if any maintenance at all, thus reducing the long-term cost to sport.

Whatever your sport, our installation teams have installed and maintained floodlighting systems in sports stadiums both large and small, from indoor and outdoor to grass roots clubs across the UK and beyond. Our experienced support team are passionate about sport and committed to providing the very best floodlighting solutions. Supporting you through every stage of your lighting project – from conception, funding and planning through to delivery.

The development of other solutions is important to Wiseman’s offering with LED scoreboards, mobile floodlighting for grass roots clubs and support for community clubs via Wiseman’s sister company GrassRoots Power CIC, adding another dimension to supporting environmentally sustainable sport in our community for decades to come.