For over ten years Blueharts Cricket and Hockey clubs had planned to sell part of their site for residential development and invest the capital in new facilities to include a sand dressed hockey pitch and club house. A planning application was originally submitted with 8 x 15m telescopic columns and metal halide fixtures, although, there were concerns with spill light on an adjacent residential home and the visual impact of the club being on the crest of a hill.

In September 2015, Wiseman approached Alan Middleditch, Chairman of Blueharts Hockey Club, to explore if we could be of assistance. In the autumn of 2018, a 6 x 15m column system was switched on after the planners agreed that the proposal would meet the spill light requirements and the use of 6 columns would be acceptable with the proposed slim LED fixtures. This project became the first use of Musco TLC1150’s in Europe and a milestone in reducing the environmental impact of sports floodlighting.

Alan Middleditch, Blueharts HC in Hitchin ”we had a sensitive site where light spill was a major concern. Our experience with luminance and maintenance of metal halide floodlights was not good. We therefore looked at the developing LED technology and Wiseman Lighting were able to offer Musco Lighting’s product. This was cutting edge in itself, but importantly they were able to warrant the low light spill in addition to the installation as a whole. They have provided a solution that enabled three lux settings and half pitch options. LEDs last 5 times longer than metal halide lights, draw 50% less electricity at 500 lux, 65% less at 350 lux for training and 68% on the lowest setting. We will therefore be able to minimise our running costs.”

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