On 13 October 2021, Wiseman Lighting received a call from Sue Norwood, chairperson of Sussex-based Peacehaven FC. 

The club were keen to implement a new lighting system in a bid to avoid seeing fixtures postponed, leading to a loss of income. 

Shortly after our initial call, Wiseman engineers visited the club to scope out the project. 

Within days, a proposal was put forward, and Wiseman worked alongside the Football Foundation to gain additional support via the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF). 

Two-and-a-half weeks after our initial site visit, work was complete. 

Existing floodlight columns were condemned, brand-new ones were put in place and a frame was made for the communication mast. 

Furthermore, we implemented an LED lighting solution to help the club save money, reduce light spill and increase sustainability.

By November 16, the floodlights were ready to use after engineers carried out final tweaks. 

This meant that within one month of first visiting the club, Wiseman Lighting were able to plan, facilitate and conduct the full installation of a game-changing LED lighting solution for Peacehaven FC.

Sue Norwood, Peacehaven FC chairperson, said: “From beginning to end, it’s been simple. That’s always a concern.

“At every step, Wiseman Lighting ensured we knew everything that we had to do.

“It’s probably the easiest project that I’ve ever been involved with at the club, and we really appreciated their help.

“I’m really happy with the relationship we developed with Wiseman, and how quickly everything was done.”

Harry Riste, Wiseman Lighting CEO, said: “Ultimately, we are in a world where supply chains are all over the place. This is a shining example of what can be delivered. 

“We are here to support clubs and volunteers. 

“As a volunteer who previously raised money for my own club, my heart goes out to the fellow chairpeople out there.

“You don’t want facilities hassle, and floodlighting can often be in the ‘too hard’ pile. Wiseman Lighting are here to step up.”

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