Wiseman Lighting has worked with a number of clients, each with their own unique demands that required us to adapt in order to deliver the best possible service.

This means that our design and planning services are guaranteed to be vigorous and in-depth, to ensure that each member of the Wiseman team can effectively carry out their service to suit the client’s needs.

Wiseman uses the latest AGi32 lighting software technology, in accordance with the Institute of Lighting Professionals guidance.

This tool allows us to simulate the best position for our LED lights by calculating the amount of light produced in a specific area.

Of course, this software wouldn’t be effective without a team that knows how to use it. 

Luckily, our team has plenty of experience in designing elite sports lighting solutions, in places ranging from clubs and stadiums through to schools and universities.

That is not all that our team will do. Incorporated in the design and planning service are financial projections and the environmental impact of installing lights. This ensures all of our clients are protected from laws and regulations.

For example, our work with East Grinstead Sports Club required us to produce a high level of light for televised fixtures while reducing the glare of our LED lights as it was situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Our team has worked on various projects with different requirements, from sporting locations in major cities such as London, Birmingham and Dublin, all the way to rural settings such as national parks.

No matter the challenge, Wiseman has the capability to meet it head-on.

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