Feasibility & Design

As specialists in LED sports floodlighting Wiseman have a strong track record of being introduced to clients who have been unable to find a suitable sport floodlighting solution to satisfy Local Planning Authority spill requirements.

With an intricate knowledge of the many new LED sports floodlighting products, we ensure our clients are protected at the design stage from potential issues later. With a shortfall of industry understanding around LED sports lighting, it is important to avoid Local Authority Environmental Health Officers restricting systems use once installed, alongside impact on financial projections and community relationships.

With successful projects delivered in central cities such as London, Birmingham and Dublin, in rural locations such as AONB’s, National Parks and even South Downs National Park ‘Dark Skies Area’, Wiseman works to reduce your risks at the very time you should be celebrating that the lights are on.

Wiseman offers a free project assessment advice service to clients who are having planning problems or unsure if their currently proposed designs could cause an issue at a later date.

As a case study, Wiseman was able to unlock a stalled planning application due to bats roosting only meters away from a proposed 500 lux hockey pitch at Rugby School. The school were facing the reality of building a pitch without floodlighting due to these roosting bats. This would have resulted in losing over 1,000 hours of pitch playing time per year.

Utilising the very best in LED technology and demonstrating the exceptional control of spill light through the preparation of detailed designs, allowed the application to pass through planning with no issues.

The design of a new floodlighting system does not stop at spill light because the playing environment is equally important to control glare for both spectators and participants. Click below to understand more…