LED – A Planning Minefield

Wiseman conducts independent research on delivered LED floodlighting projects after planning has been granted and one year after the projects are commissioned. The findings highlight the minefield of LED products in the market and particularly the vast difference in their operational impact. With a lack of supply chain product knowledge, contractors lack of access to products with advanced optical control and lack of LED planning guidance all leading to potential issues.

Below are some examples of best in class installations where the facility has not had the times of use restricted. Far from it, these projects were granted planning permission due to the superior spillĀ  light control of Wiseman’s manufacturing partner’s LED technology – reducing nighbourhood impact to a level acceptable to gain planning approval.

Advantages of LED sports floodlighting designed for sports applications:


  • Smoother planning process
  • Strengthens community relationships
  • Reduced risk of later rectification costs to control spill light
  • Extended facility usage

Disadvantages of commercial & industrial LEDs used in sport applications:


  • Potential for failed planning applications
  • Environmental Health restrictions on use impacting facility revenue
  • High glare for players resulting in discomfort.
  • Additional time and capital expenditure to rectify the problem

LED Floodlighting overcomes Ecology concerns at Rugby School

This pitch was about to be built without floodlighting due to ecology concerns. At the 11th hour Wiseman Lighting was introduced to Rugby School and a Musco TLC solution was proposed. This was after two other manufacturers products including an LED proposal, could not control the spill to the acceptable level needed to accommodate the bats roosting in the treeline.

Local Planning Authority Ecology maximum acceptable limit 5> lux due to roosting bats

Obtaining planning at difficult locations without compromising column heights or neighbours quality of life.

Not only can you seen the quality of light from LED when compared to metal halide, Knowle and Dorridge Racquets Club is also an excellent example of how the right LED product can be used to light sports facilities without being a horror story to neighbours.

A residential house less than 3m from 9m column receives less than 10 lux vertical light. No other lighting product on the market could meet ILP Guidance during the planning process.