Using the latest AGI32 professional lighting design software meeting Institute of Lighting Professional (ILP) latest 2020 guidance. Our team have experience in design of world-class sports lighting solutions in schools, colleges, universities and clubs, through to major stadiums.

Detailed technical knowledge of many new LED sporting products ensures our clients are protected at the design stage and advised regarding local authority and environmental requirements. Our design team will incorporate financial projections, sustainability planning, environmental impact; and consider community relationships.

The Wiseman team has considerable experience delivering lighting solutions for sporting venues in central cities such as London, Birmingham and Dublin; in addition to rural locations including national parks and ‘dark skies’ areas. Our experience and expertise support the reduction of your risk from conceptual planning stages, through to installation.

Wiseman offers a free project assessment advice service to all clients, from new project requests through to clients who are considering a proposed design in line with planning regulations.

“Our new lighting is superb, and we are delighted with it. Wiseman Lighting demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of the available technologies, which enabled us to make an informed choice. It was a pleasure to collaborate with such a professional team.

As a direct result of working with them and the products they proposed, Rugby School expects to be saving money on lighting maintenance and energy costs for decades to come. I would recommend any schools who are considering installing new lighting, or updating their existing systems, to contact Wiseman to discuss their plans. We have learnt a great deal about the advancement in LED technology, which has pleasantly surprised us, especially as it facilitated a successful planning application, the reduced light spill enabling us to keep both neighbours and bats happy in a very sensitive location.”

Judy Robinson

Rugby School’s Estate Manager

Wiseman Lighting LTD

Rumwell Hall, Wellington, Somerset,


01823 793 676