Moreton-in-Marsh LTC is a long-standing, rural, tennis club in Oxfordshire that wanted to provide the very best playing experience to their members whilst keeping budget top of mind. Although the club had good lighting before, they wanted to upgrade and approached Wiseman to achieve this.

The location meant that a cost-effective solution could be provided without the need of specialist optical control, even though a property 300m from the club asked for one fixture to be re-aimed which was completed to the full satisfaction of the owners. This again re-enforces the need for correct product selection as most facilities have residential properties within 300m.

The project was a side lit retrofit onto existing columns although, if the columns were at the back of the courts this solution wouldn’t have been proposed because of the glare from the fixtures.

Mike Rees, Club Chairman, comments, “The LED lighting installed by Wiseman offers a floodlit playing experience which is second to none. We are particularly pleased with the even spread of the light. Teams from other clubs have commented on the high quality of the lighting. We wanted the very best and are glad that we trusted Wiseman to deliver this. Our members are thrilled.”

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