LED sports lighting unlocks stalled planning application, thanks to reduced spill light compared with other sports floodlighting luminaires.

The decision was made by the school to build a new sand dressed artificial hockey pitch on the Hillbrow site which is within a conservation area and open space playing field, but the project was held up by Rugby Borough Council planning department due to excessive spill light on a tree line to the west of the pitch.

Prior to meeting Wiseman, a planning application was submitted on 22nd July 2015, and the school was presented with several 15m lighting solutions: firstly, an 8 column metal halide proposal on 7th August (amended several times), followed by an 8 column LED solution submitted on 11th September. All of these proposals were rejected due to light spill.

The planning officer stated: “Because of the location of the proposed hockey pitch, adjacent to a number of mature trees, Ecology raised concerns in relation to bats using the tree lines for commuting and foraging routes and also for potential roosting.”

Wiseman was introduced to Judy Robinson Estates Manager in August, and on the 16th September, an alternative lighting design was submitted to the planning department using advanced LED technology.

The Musco 6 column design and LED combination reduced the horizontal and vertical spill to a level below that of both the metal halide and other LED technology. On the 5th November, planning was granted and the new facility has now been delivered with floodlighting, enabling maximum use after dark.

Rugby School’s Estate Manager, Judy Robinson, said: “Our new lighting is superb, and we are delighted with it. Wiseman Lighting demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of the available technologies, which enabled us to make an informed choice. It was a pleasure to collaborate with such a professional team.

As a direct result of working with them and the products they proposed, Rugby School expects to be saving money on lighting maintenance and energy costs for decades to come. I would recommend any schools who are considering installing new lighting, or updating their existing systems, to contact Wiseman to discuss their plans. We have learnt a great deal about the advancement in LED technology, which has pleasantly surprised us, especially as it facilitated a successful planning application, the reduced light spill enabling us to keep both neighbours and bats happy in a very sensitive location.”

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