At Wiseman Lighting, we have over 30 years experience in the construction sector and are a leading contractor of LED sports floodlighting. 

Our mission is a simple one: to be at the forefront of LED lighting technology. 

We are committed to doing this in a responsible way by ensuring sports clubs across the country install LED lighting solutions that contribute to the United Nations’ NET ZERO initiative.

More broadly, Wiseman Lighting aims to aid the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, providing actionable solutions in a cost-effective way. 

By undertaking detailed testing of products and manufacturers, we ensure each and every client is given the very best available products and warranty, while reducing the risk associated with new technology. 

Such an insight has resulted in Wiseman testing and installing more LED floodlighting products than any other contractor. In turn, this has enabled us to advise clients on the best available solutions and to offer affordable choices. 

Unlike metal halide technology which has had decades of refinement, no LED products are the same. We have tested and evaluated a wide range of manufacturers so that we can advise from a strong knowledge base.

Whatever your sport, our installation teams have implemented and maintained floodlighting systems in sports stadiums, both large and small. 

Supporting indoor and outdoor venues, from grassroots clubs to national arenas, across the UK and beyond, we ensure clubs make Wiseman Lighting their number one choice for LED floodlighting solutions.

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