Wigmore LTC needed a new lighting solution to make the club ‘future proof’. With so many products on the market, the club approached GRP and Wiseman Lighting to gain insight and professional advice on this exciting project.


The GRP/Wiseman team researched the market to identify the perfect system for this ambitious club. After patient consultation, the team delivered a high-quality lighting system with a 10-year performance guarantee. With efficient energy usage coupled with reduced light spill in a residential area, GRP/Wiseman secured planning permission and installed the system to the delight of the club and its members.

500 LUX LED Tennis Court

Wiseman was engaged to support a new LED installation, in addition to the club’s 7 existing courts lit with metal halide.


In 2015, a suitable product passed Wiseman’s testing and the company was engaged to obtain planning in a location with residential properties only meters from the court. Planning was granted without objection and the new 500 lux LED installation on 4 x 9m columns was installed within a week.

“Wigmore has always aimed to provide the best court surfaces and lighting for our members and we were excited about the prospect of being one of the first tennis clubs to install LED lights. We are extremely pleased with the new LED’s installed by Wiseman and playing under them is a wonderful experience. They have a great “Wow” factor and many local clubs now want to come down and try them out! It was a joy to work with the Wiseman group, the technology was changing fast – we were patient and waited for the right product, as advised by Wiseman. Planning permission went through easily and actual installation of the lights took just 6 days – absolutely fantastic!”

President of Wigmore LTC, Louise McKerchar

Estates Bursar

Lancing College

Wiseman Lighting LTD

Rumwell Hall, Wellington, Somerset,


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