As part of our commitment to uphold and sustain grassroots sports clubs, Wiseman will ensure that all of our lighting solutions contribute to the UN’s NET ZERO initiative.

Change needs to happen.

The UN’s NET ZERO initiative is a worldwide effort to combat harmful greenhouse emissions.

The eventual goal is to shift to a green economy by 2050.

No matter how big or small you are, we all play an important role.

For Wiseman, that means our lighting solutions are innovative and sustainable, helping sports clubs to run as effectively as possible, while also remaining sustainable.

Additionally, Wiseman undertakes detailed tests of products and manufacturers to ensure that clients receive the best possible products and warranty with new LED technologies. 

This has led to us becoming the lead contractor in terms of testing and installing LED floodlights, permitting us to advise clients on the finest and most cost-effective solutions.

Furthermore,Wiseman Lighting’s commitment to the NET ZERO initiative has seen our team install and maintain floodlights for grassroots clubs and stadiums, both nationally and abroad.

Unlike metal halide technology which has benefitted from years of refinement, no LED products are the same.

Therefore, through our constant testing of various manufacturers, you can trust that Wiseman will give you the best recommendations for your LED lighting needs.

Learn more about our NET ZERO pledge.